Life is a Beach

By now, you must have realized how much I like to think of life as an exploration.


Today I thought, life is a beach, for real.


We step on various rocks. Until we realize that some of them are slippery, some of them hurt a lot, and some of them are excellent for cliff-jumping.


When we swim, we get better in terms of body-awareness.


When we dive and stay underwater, we test our limits.


When we meet people, we play and make friends thanks to simple toys.


When we look at the sun, we realize how little and fragile we are.


Luckily, our sunglasses help us see the whole place from another perspective.


At the end of the day, our footprints remain on the sand.


And everything fades out as time passes and waves swallow the last traces of our short journey.

September 23, 2020

Sales Lesson

When I worked as a door-to-door salesman, I learned something that’s helped me for the rest of my life.


And that is, being absolutely obsessed over closing.


Not in a negative way, and not in a way that makes me or my interlocutor feel anxious either.


In a way that makes me try so hard that I eventually succeed as I keep trying and repeating over and over again.


For example, one of my greatest jobs and encounters recently happened because of me being obsessed.


I kept asking, talking, and rumbling around until I could finally meet the person I loved, get a decent job, and make friends with people who, initially, had no intention to see me ever again.


If something seems to keep running out from you, keep chasing it.


Don’t worry about being seen as gross, rude, or over-insistent.


In the end, you know who you are, and the right people will like and love you for being your wonderful self.

September 22, 2020

Say It

There’s never one perfect time to say things.


Even years after, it’s important to tell people how much we love them, or how much we apologize for the things we did.


That helps us look people in the eyes without feeling ashamed, and this also helps us enjoy stronger relationships with our loved or past-loved ones.


There’s no such thing as making someone’s life and day happier just by being honest.


With only a few words, you can make someone feel better.


Why not do it?


Send a simple message where you tell how much you love or have loved someone.


Be genuine and sincere.


You’ll enlighten somebody’s day and feel better as well.

September 21, 2020

Creative Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be a straightforward process.


You don’t necessarily have to go through a strict and specific order.


Like many things in life (if not life itself), learning is a creative process. And there are uncountable ways to go about it.


I like learning new languages, and my favorite approach here is survival. That’s the one I find most effective.


What’s yours?


Having a teacher? Playing games? Reading the news? Watching TV? Reading books?


In some cultures, having solid foundations is considered the best way to learn anything.


You learn the basics, and work your way up to the point where you can understand or figure out almost anything out of instinct and previously acquired knowledge.


But is it the best way to approach learning as a whole? Is there any such thing as “best learning approach”?


Learning is, in itself, a skill to acquire.


Go about it the way you want. And don’t feel bad for making it “unconventional”.

September 20, 2020

Repeat After Me, Melting Pot

If you’re trying to become a better speaker in another language, and wonder why your accent is so bad and inconsistent, keep reading.


When you study a new language, you learn three main skills: listening, speaking, and reading.


These three ways of embracing that language complement each other.


However, they all have their own variations and specifics from a person to another.


For instance, if you’re watching a conference, the speaker may have an accent that you’ve never heard before. And that will play for making your understanding a bit harder.


The same goes for reading. There are writing styles you’re familiar with, and others that you find extremely difficult to read through.


So why is it so difficult to have a consistent native accent in a new language?


That’s because you’ve learnt that language from different teachers, media, videos, books, and articles.


For this reason, you neither have your own accent nor your own style. You have a received accent for each word and for each sentence.


And what you do is, you mix everything. For instance, you might stress certain syllables the Boston way, and other syllables the New York way.


All in all, you mix different accents you’ve learnt without noticing.


And that’s the reason why your own accent is inconsistent.


What’s the solution? you’d ask.


Hang out with a few natives, and spend your time studying how they form sounds, end their sentences, stress syllables, and everything else that shapes their vocal personality.

September 19, 2020


Life is a creative process.


It’s all up to you.


Nothing’s either so wrong or so good that you should either reject or embrace it.


You have to explore every path, and take the one that feels good to you.


Regardless of people’s opinion, you do your thing and see how it goes.


In the end, the canvas will be full of experiences and shades of yourself.


Take another one, and draw your life once again.

September 18, 2020


There are circumstances, conditions, and moments where people can only see the bad and ugly inside us.


It’s not dependent upon our actions and intentions.


It is what it is.


We find ourselves at the wrong place at the wrong time.


These are circums-lenses.


The circumstances that act as lenses through which people see and judge us.


Are you blind? Get these off!


And see what’s beyond.

September 17, 2020

Free Labor

Money ain’t the only way to get paid.


It’s not because you’re working for zilch, that you’re working for free.


Here’s a short list of what you get while working for “free”:


– You learn more about your customer’s industry.


– You get better and more efficient at doing what you do (supposedly) for a living.


– You enrich your portfolio.


– You have the freedom to explore new ways to do your work since you’re not trading anything for money.


– You make one customer happy, who will probably give you a shout-out and let other potential customers aware of your skills.


Work is never free.


Somehow, you get paid, even if it’s not with money.


And sometimes, if not all the time, you’ll be paid with something that’s way more valuable than money itself.

September 16, 2020

Faster Together

Together, we’re faster.


But not necessarily in the way you’d expect.


Working partly as a developer, I can definitely tell when working together is more efficient, and when it’s not.


However, I think that in terms of sharing knowledge, it’s more efficient to work in groups of two or three people, as opposed to working alone.


Cutting an onion with three knives is certainly slower than doing it with only one knife.


But trying to learn how to cut an onion on your own will certainly be slower than having someone show and teach you how to do it.


Think of it.


Sometimes, taking 30 seconds of your time to give a bit of knowledge to someone could save hours if not days to this person.

September 15, 2020

Free Dessert

Like I said to my best friend, I can’t count how many times I’ve been offered a meal just for being kind, respectful, and polite.


To me, this is normal.


The waiter’s working hard, so does the cook, and everyone’s basically in a hurry to make sure everything is perfect for every single customer.


Hence when the cook takes a bit longer to make my dish, or when the waiter forgets what I’ve ordered, it’s fine.


To err is human, and I’m still having a great time. I don’t go to the restaurant for eating.


I go to the restaurant for chilling, seeing people, being taken care of, and the whole experience.


At times, be kind, polite, and respectful.


You’ve got no idea how this could literally change your social interactions.

September 14, 2020