Hunting Basics

No, I know nothing about hunting.


Hence I won’t give you any tips about hunting.


But it is mind-boggling to realize how such basic things got out of our daily habits.


Supermarkets and industrialization help us eat at our convenience.


But still, I can neither hold a knife properly nor kill any animal.


Does it mean that we should go back to that era when we had no other choice but to hunt?


I don’t think so.


However, it would be great if we could see how nature is transformed into food, so we can better assess our impact on nature and animals.

November 15, 2020

Brain Tree

It is fascinating to consider the brain as a tree.


Let’s say that you’re watching a TV show, and at a certain time, you struggle to understand what an actor says.


What does your brain do?


It takes all the sounds you’ve heard, and make a decision based on all the words you know, and more specifically, the sounds you know.


If you hear the sounds “aw” and “ta”, for instance. You brain will try to narrow down a list of sounds that match these. And that’s how you end with “outer”.


This tree-thinking approach is powerful and flexible enough to be used in any field or scenario.

November 14, 2020


My dad used to say, “Look, your boss won’t ever give you a raise unless you ask”, and he was right.


I had to ask for it.


And I started to think about it, then realized that if I were the boss, I would certainly reward my employees without waiting for them to ask me.


I became the boss several months later, then realized that if I rewarded an employee in place of another, the other would feel undervalued.


Still, I am torn between rewarding someone who deserves it and keeping a peaceful atmosphere in my workplace.


All in all, I should probably wait for my employees to ask me. At least I won’t be the initiator.


At times, being nice and fair is difficult, and that is also true in business.

November 13, 2020


That’s how I call a position of director that’s managed by two people.


In business, it’s actually quite smart and realistic to give this position to more than one person.


Being a director who has to manage dozens of people is nerve-wracking.


It’s a source of anxiety. It keeps from sleeping properly. It gets on our nerves.


All in all, it’s tough.


That’s why giving this position to two people is great.


It prevents both from having too high of an ego, while giving them the opportunity to work together, lead people together, have eyes everywhere, and track each task correctly.


Birector is the new director.

November 12, 2020

Hammer Mold Solutions

It’s not because you’ve got a hammer and a mold that you necessarily have to beat hard until it fits.


That is a common business problem.


When a team gets used to solving a specific type of problem, they believe that their solution can be transformed and applied to other types of problems.


And that’s a mistake.


Once again, trying to make a light bulb fit into a mold using a hammer is a terrible idea.


It’s always a good thing to look back on what you achieve, get inspired, and invent new approaches to solve new problems.

November 11, 2020

Negotiation 101

This year, it was great to work with you.


On the one hand, you were super effective.


On the other hand, you have made mistakes that cost us a lot of money.


What can you offer now to compensate for the losses?


Alright, what if we give you 50% more customers to work with?


Great, we had planned to give you 100% more. What can you offer now?


These are negotiation basics: escalation.


Start low, and gradually find your way to the top.

November 10, 2020

Execution is Key

Ideas, theory, strategy, plans.


These are all wonderful things.


But what matters most is execution.


One’s ability to act upon theory and deliver the best results.


Making plans and having ideas is easy, and inspiring.


But being able to execute is a whole different game.


And that’s what makes the difference between thinkers and makers.


Where do you stand?




In order to be successful in business, you must be both a great thinker, and an outstanding executive.

November 09, 2020

No Rush

If you’re just like me, there’s a high probability that you’re treating your life as a constant rush.


A rush to happiness, fulfillment, financial freedom, love, etc.


And that’s not necessarily the best way to go about life, as much as I hate to admit that.


Why not simply lay out the foundations, and then, see how it goes?


There’s no immediate reason to be in such a hurry to have everything right asap.


If you feel anxious, worried, and under pressure, take a look around.


Do you have everything to be happy but still can’t be?


Relax, and take your time.


Stop treating your life as rush to an illusory achievement.

November 08, 2020

Siblings Comparison

In stock trading, most investors always recommend comparing companies’ performances with their siblings.


That means, we shall never take a company’s information as granted. We should compare it to other companies that are similar, within the same sector, and within the same financial range.


And that’s a simple yet fascinating way to go about mostly everything.


Simply, comparing with siblings.


As a chef, for instance, how can you tell if your team has produced a good work if you don’t have the skills to assess it?


Use siblings!


Search online what other teams did, using ones that are similar to yours, and you’re done.


That is, once again, a simple yet powerful tool: Siblings Comparison.

November 07, 2020

Business Relationships

On the company’s internal side, relationships are crucial.


They define how good we feel with one another, but they also show how efficient we are when we work together.


Bad and unhealthy relationships produce bad results and low productivity.


Good and healthy relationships produce great results and high productivity.


These are the reasons why we should always pay attention to the relationships we entertain with one another within the company’s structure.


We should let go of our ego, apologize even when it’s not necessarily needed, and rely on each other to show that we care about our coworkers and trust them.


Relationships, in the company, lead to efficiency.

November 06, 2020