There's Beauty in All of Us

As I was going over dozens of Youtube videos to find one that would make me feel more confident about starting my own channel, I realized.


Sure, there’s beauty in all of us. But it’s only when you look at it the right way that you understand it.


Beauty is not related to outward appearance.


Beauty builds upon personality, charisma, humour, and so many other traits.


It is absolutely crazy how mass media tricks us into believing that we have to look thin, fit, and muscular to look good.


In fact, I believe that beauty goes way beyond appearance. And that’s why Youtube is gaining so much in popularity.


This platform lets us express ourselves, and build relationships with people through the content we put online.


For sure, there’s editing. But in the end, our beauty lies in one single thing.


Just being ourselves. Simple, and wonderful, human beings.

August 14, 2020