The Dishwasher's Broken

From time to time, we find ourselves yelling at the people we truly love and care for. Be it for protecting them or defending our ideas.


It is a common yet destructive behavior. And we actually feel guilty for acting this way.


All in all, it’s quite paradoxical. On the one hand we wish only the best for the ones we love. And on the other hand we yell and impose our truth on them when we are in conflict.


This is what I learned living in a conflict-addict family.


Should you be in conflict with someone you love, think twice before uttering your truth. Communication is the base upon which relationships build and last. Yet communication is all about listening, explaining one’s viewpoint, and debating. It’s not yelling nor getting angry at your beloved ones.


Keep calm, chill out, and open yourself. That will save you time and tears.

August 02, 2020