The Answers Lie Within

You must have zillions of questions about yourself, your passion, your growth, your business, your career, your relationships, and so on.


And it must be exhausting and time-consuming to keep searching for answers that don’t even meet your needs and expectations.


Let me tell you three things straight away.


First, we all do. It’s normal to have questions, fears, and doubts towards present and future. Don’t feel bad for asking yourself the right questions.


Second, you will be disappointed. When you find answers to your questions, you will be shocked to see how clear and simple the world is. Like most of us, you’ve certainly made up mountains out of molehills. And the more you discover, the more everything’s pretty basic.


Third, you are running an endless marathon. All the answers you’ll find come from other people, other stories, and other experiences. Nothing you can quite relate to.


The answers you need lie within yourself.


Sit on a chair, in front of a mirror, and have a serious talk with yourself.


That will save you countless hours.

August 09, 2020