Social Proof

It’s not just marketing, it’s real and tangible.


In marketing, social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people get convinced to buy or use a specific product because many other people did.


Now let me tell you a short story.


This year, a nice teacher was decapitated in my country.


We advocate freedom of expression. Hence this tragic event has had a dramatic impact on the whole population.


If this man, who was teaching freedom of expression, was decapitated, what’s next?


What’s going to happen for all the people who advocate freedom of expression?


Beyond that, should one feel endangered? Is it still a safe country to live in?


That is another instance of social proof.


We tend to believe, rightly or wrongly, that what happens to other people can happen to us.


That is social proof: It was experienced by someone else, hence I can experience it.

October 24, 2020