Sales Lesson

When I worked as a door-to-door salesman, I learned something that’s helped me for the rest of my life.


And that is, being absolutely obsessed over closing.


Not in a negative way, and not in a way that makes me or my interlocutor feel anxious either.


In a way that makes me try so hard that I eventually succeed as I keep trying and repeating over and over again.


For example, one of my greatest jobs and encounters recently happened because of me being obsessed.


I kept asking, talking, and rumbling around until I could finally meet the person I loved, get a decent job, and make friends with people who, initially, had no intention to see me ever again.


If something seems to keep running out from you, keep chasing it.


Don’t worry about being seen as gross, rude, or over-insistent.


In the end, you know who you are, and the right people will like and love you for being your wonderful self.

September 22, 2020