Power Knowledge

In any given hierarchy, there are many ways to get power.


There is fear, inheritance, dictatorship, several other ways, and knowledge.


Having more information than most people, or having more skills than most people gives you power.


That’s also true in business. UberEats, for instance, is an information business.


UberEats organizes information between restaurants, drivers, and customers, in such a way that all these agents know precisely when food’s ready, when it’s delivered, and who’s the initiator. But you’ll never see a UberEat employee either cook or drive.


So, if you’re looking forward to elevating yourself, having more responsibilities, or getting a raise, use knowledge.


The more you know, the more you can achieve, and the more indispensable you become.


Knowledge, in itself, is a soft way to gradually get power, in place of competition, fights, contests, and other confrontation-based systems.

October 06, 2020