Package Delivery

I can still remember how excited and happy I was when I received my last package from Amazon.


And I thought, “Well, how is it that I’m so happy about such a simple thing?”


I break it down into three parts.


First, I had regular expectations about my order. I saw several unboxing videos on Youtube, and the products looked good. Beyond that, I had huge expectations about what these products would enable me to do.


Second, I could track my parcel form the beginning until the end. It felt like tracking a new skill down to when it becomes mine.


Third, I received the products, and they were far beyond my expectations. On the one hand, I was more than happy with the quality. On the other hand, it made me feel like they would enable me to do so much more than what I had expected beforehand.


There’s no better way to phrase it: “Underpromise, and Overdeliver”.


If you run a business, make sure you always deliver more than what your customers expect. They’ll be happy and talk about you with their friends and colleagues.


Let your skills be your first marketing vehicle.

August 12, 2020