Metrics, Metrics Everywhere

If you’re operating a business, and more specifically, managing people, you need metrics.


You absolutely need to have a way to measure how effective are people’s work, decisions, and collaboration.


That will help you better understand how a specific action impacts your business, and if you should repeat it, tweak it, or avoid it in the future.


Use dates, numbers, goals, expectations, time limits, etc.


In a matter of days and weeks, you’ll quickly be able to tell who’s performing well, and who needs help.


You can’t just tell “Do that”.


You should use metrics, like “It would be great if we could get X amount of sales instead of just Y. By the Zth, we must have this part coded. Then, by the Ath, this part should be done.”


That will change your life as a business owner and director.

September 28, 2020