Life is a Beach

By now, you must have realized how much I like to think of life as an exploration.


Today I thought, life is a beach, for real.


We step on various rocks. Until we realize that some of them are slippery, some of them hurt a lot, and some of them are excellent for cliff-jumping.


When we swim, we get better in terms of body-awareness.


When we dive and stay underwater, we test our limits.


When we meet people, we play and make friends thanks to simple toys.


When we look at the sun, we realize how little and fragile we are.


Luckily, our sunglasses help us see the whole place from another perspective.


At the end of the day, our footprints remain on the sand.


And everything fades out as time passes and waves swallow the last traces of our short journey.

September 23, 2020