Human Emails

I enjoy writing emails as much as my recipients enjoy reading them.


Over the years, I’ve made the decision to follow simple yet effective guidelines to communicate over emails daily.


Altogether, these are human emails. Emails that show there’s a human with feelings behind the cold words.




— Always use a different signature. Not the auto-generated one that hasn’t changed since day one.


— Open and close the email using different formulas that are both polite and kind.


— Sign using your first name to make it feel more intimate.


— Wish a good day in the morning, a good evening if it’s late, and a good meal if it’s lunch time.


— Thank your recipient for whatever. Time and words, you should feel thankful for these. Business time is expensive.




Make emails great again by showing that you’re not a robot.

That will literally transform and enhance your business relationships.

August 30, 2020