Creative Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be a straightforward process.


You don’t necessarily have to go through a strict and specific order.


Like many things in life (if not life itself), learning is a creative process. And there are uncountable ways to go about it.


I like learning new languages, and my favorite approach here is survival. That’s the one I find most effective.


What’s yours?


Having a teacher? Playing games? Reading the news? Watching TV? Reading books?


In some cultures, having solid foundations is considered the best way to learn anything.


You learn the basics, and work your way up to the point where you can understand or figure out almost anything out of instinct and previously acquired knowledge.


But is it the best way to approach learning as a whole? Is there any such thing as “best learning approach”?


Learning is, in itself, a skill to acquire.


Go about it the way you want. And don’t feel bad for making it “unconventional”.

September 20, 2020