Behind the Scenes

Content creators are normal humans, and so are influencers.


Still, most people fail to realize that their life isn’t perfect. And that they also go through hard and difficult times, as we all do.


However, the platforms they work on put an emphasis on the idea that these people are perfect, as much as their life is.


Their meals look delicious. The places they visit look wonderful. The people they spend their time with look handsome and sexy. Not to mention how good-looking they even look.


But the reality is, doing that job must be a high source of anxiety for these people. They, implicitly, don’t have the right to be anything other than perfect. They can’t make a single mistake without having thousands of people bash them right after.


So, if you ever feel like complaining about them or talking badly about them on social media, forget about it.


They’re doing their job, and that does not give you the right to judge and insult them in any possible way.

October 16, 2020