Self-Improvement Exercise: The Perfect Wheel

David - About Lifestyle - June 30, 2020

Self-improvement addicts keep searching for new ways and exercises to improve themselves. So do I, and that's why I'll be sharing with you a self-improvement exercise I immediately fell in love with.

This self-improvement exercise is called The Perfect Wheel, and it helps you assess your current situation in order to improve yourself in every aspect of your life, and realize how far you are from your goals. It's easy to understand and to adapt, and will have a tremendous impact on your mindset.

The first time I did The Perfect Wheel exercise, I was shocked. I never thought I had been so bad at dealing with my life's goals for so long. Doing this exercise once per month really helped me out and enabled me to reach my goals faster than ever before. More than anything, it made me realize I needed to change myself if I wanted to be happier.

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Self-Improvement Exercise: The Perfect Wheel - Illustration - Picture

The Perfect Wheel Exercise: How It Works

In brief, you have to draw a shape defined by segments that join each other. Each and every segment represents a part of your life, which you can write next to the segment so you don't forget it.

For instance, using a wheel:

Self-Improvement Exercise: The Perfect Wheel - Illustration - Picture

For instance, using a triangle:

Self-Improvement Exercise: The Perfect Wheel - Illustration - Picture

Once you've got your shape drawn, you erase each segment based on how incomplete the part of your life it represents is.

For instance, using my personal wheel:

Self-Improvement Exercise: The Perfect Wheel - Illustration - Picture

Your goal is to get a perfect shape over time. You must draw your shape frequently, and complete it every time you draw it without looking at the one you've drawn before. Using this exercise, you will rapidly see what are your weaknesses, what you can improve, and what you deeply feel connected to.

One of the most important things here is to step out of your mind to take concrete actions. If you can't use it well, your mind is a prison bound by limiting beliefs. That's why practicing in the physical world is so important. It lets you no other choice but to act.

Further than realizing you need to improve in your life, drawing your shape is a conscious act of self-awareness. By drawing, you analyze yourself and try to find a solution just like you'd apply your problem-solving skills to a maths problem.

As you can see, I still have a lot to do in order to get my wheel done. And the thing is, the more I approach the perfect wheel I've drawn in this exercise, the more my internal wheel changes in order to update my goals and ambitions.

Self-Improvement Exercise: The Perfect Wheel - Illustration - Picture

The Perfect Wheel Exercise: What's Next

Now that you've drawn your shape and found out what you were lacking, you must take action and remedy your situation. You've got to write down an action list and track your progress. It must become a habit if you want to see fast and huge results.

1. Define a frequency at which you will draw your shape to see how you perform towards yourself and your expectations about life: weekly, monthly, etc.

2. Each time you end your shape, spend some time to analyze it. Then, write down the reasons why you think it is incomplete.

3. Write down a list of actions you'd like to put into practice in order to improve yourself (and your life) so your shape gets more filled.

4. Look back at the shape you drew last time. How do you perform? Why?

Now improve yourself and keep using this self-improvement exercise as much as you can.

Be careful, this self-improvement exercise has to be somewhat of a tracking tool. It shouldn't be a moment that puts pressure on you.

Self-Improvement Exercises: What Makes Them Good and Helpful

In my opinion, a self-improvement exercise is good if it meets these criteria:

  • It is an exercise you enjoy doing.

  • It is an exercise that teaches you something about you and about life's mechanics.

  • It is an exercise that is not too time-consuming.

  • It is an exercise that helps you gauge your progress.

  • It is an exercise that has immediate results on your lifestyle.

If you find yourself doing a self-improvement exercise, maybe should you ask yourself if it meets the above criteria.

I'll be sharing many more self-improvement exercises I do on a daily basis to improve myself.

If you have some good self-improvement exercises to share with everyone, feel free to reach out or talk about it in the comments. I'd be glad to learn from you all.

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