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The Antidote to Shyness

What's Inside?

There are thousands of books about shyness, but how do you sort the practical and useful from the rubbish?
This book will help.

The Antidote to Shyness comes with:

– Rich content with colors and design.

– Detailed techniques to help you speak for yourself.

– Practical exercises to make you overcome shyness.

– Thorough lessons that teach you social mechanisms.

– Stories and examples to demonstrate each point.

– Pages made specifically to help you take notes.

– Engagements to push you out of your comfort zone.

The Antidote to Shyness is designed to help you overcome shyness and social anxiety once for all, using exercises, lessons, and practical knowledge coming from a former introvert who’s become socially confident.

The Antidote to Shyness

What's the Full Content?

Chapter 1: Escape the Negative Loop

Start to work on your personality by using a technique to determine how shy you are, and how much of an impact it’s got on your life.

You will discover shyness isn’t an inborn trait, and no one was ever born with huge social confidence. Some events turned you into a shy individual, and there’s something you can do about it.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 1: Escape the Negative Loop
Chapter 2: Find Your Fit

Find out if your environment and friends are good to you. Beyond personality, your environment and friends shape the person you are and have a strong impact on your ability to be yourself.

You might not be shy. And this chapter will give you several techniques to figure that out. Let's learn how to be yourself, with the right people.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 2: Find Your Fit
Chapter 3: Fix Your Posture

Improving your body language is one of, if not the most important part of overcoming shyness. It makes you feel better, more confident, and more likely to engage in conversation.

In this chapter you'll discover many subtle yet effective techniques to enhance your body language, and increase your self-confidence daily.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 3: Fix Your Posture
Chapter 4: Be Their Friend

People aren't your friends yet? Be theirs. Break the glass by behaving like an acquaintance and ask simple harmless questions to your interlocutors.

This chapter will teach you how to build rapport with perfect strangers by acting like they're not, and how to engage nothing-based conversations.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 4: Be Their Friend
Chapter 5: Show Good Intentions

Deep inside each of us, there's a fear of the unknown. What we don't know, we fear. And it's one of the reasons why, as a shy individual, you struggle at meeting people.

This chapter will exemplify and show you how simple words and habits can instantly lower people's guard while helping you build meaningful relationships.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 5: Show Good Intentions
Chapter 6: Make Conversation

Making conversation is critical, and it's got untold rules you need to learn and exploit. Mastering this art will help you enjoy conversations just as much as your interlocutors will.

In this chapter about body language and verbal communication, you'll be taught how to behave and talk in such a way that people enjoy your company.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 6: Make Conversation
Chapter 7: Expose Yourself

There's a gap between you and other people. And to bridge this gap you have to expose yourself, talk about your insecurities, and let people discover the kind of person you are.

Let's find out how to show your vulnerabilities so that people open themselves and talk to you. Here, your weaknesses are your strengths.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 7: Expose Yourself
Chapter 8: Say Yes

Shyness isn't a disease nor a curse. It is a mindset, and you have to change it. There's one simple word you can use to change that mindset and open yourself to experiences, people, and life.

It start with a simple yet powerful Yes. You've got no idea where this word could take you, and how good it feels to change your shy and hesitating No into a bright and warm Yes. This is what this chapter is all about.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 8: Say Yes
Chapter 9: Make a Drama

There are many activities you can get into if you want to get over your shyness for the rest of your life. Let's try to act like someone else for a moment, and figure out what it feels like to be unstuck from your jail.

In this chapter you'll discover how important it is to enroll in an activity that is fun and social. You'll take a written engagement, and learn a technique to find right away where to start.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 9: Make a Drama
Chapter 10: Play Games

There's a lot you can learn by playing games. Not only does it relieve anxiety and strengthens your brain, but it also helps you socialize and cooperate with perfect strangers in a stress-free environment.

This chapter is about learning through play, and overcoming shyness through joining other players. It gives you the keys to find players near you and team up with them to make friends. Be it virtually or physically.

The Antidote to Shyness - Chapter 10: Play Games

How's the Book Organized?

The Antidote to Shyness - Story

Each chapter of The Antidote to Shyness starts with a short Story. Each Story features a character and environment that help you comprehend social mechanisms and identify the chapter's key points.

The Stories, along with the author's anecdotes, are real and serve as starters for the Practice part that comes right after.

The Antidote to Shyness - Practice

Following each Story, there's a Practice part. This part is made of lessons, examples, and exercises to teach you, in details, hands-on techniques to overcome shyness.

Each Practice part is thorough, well-explained, and split into sections you can easily remember.

What Will I Receive?

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