How to Overcome Fears: The Practical Guide

David - About Mindset - April 21, 2019

Fears keep you from undertaking the most important steps in your life. Being afraid is a normal feeling everyone has. Your brain wants to protect you from danger, either it is imminent or in the long-term.

Putting yourself in discomfort on purpose is hard because it's not what your brain wants. This is why most people are reluctant about facing their fears. It is easier to stay passive in comfort rather than diving deep into fears without knowing if things will get better or not.

The point is, you can work hard to overcome your fears. It is neither a disease nor a curse. I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get over your fears.

Start enjoying your life the way you want. The process is free and straightforward. All it takes is perseverance and motivation. You can expect significant results on your lifestyle and on your mindset within a short time.

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The Guide to Overcome Your Fears

The more you overcome obstacles, the more you get used to it. You will get more and more confident over time as you get over your fears. Your brain will associate fear confrontation with positive feelings and you will feel more keen on putting yourself in discomfort.

This is how your life is about to completely change, in a good way.

I recommend working on your fears one at a time.

1. Establish What Fears You the Most

You must list what scares you at the moment and, define what is crucial and what is unimportant. Be brutal and honest with yourself.

Take all your fears then sort them by the impact they have on your life. Now pick the most critical one. If you're able to overcome your most critical fear thank's to this guide, the other ones will seem easy and ridiculous.

You could pick the easiest one as well. It depends on your mindset. Either you pick the hardest one and others will get easier, or you take the easiest one and you will progressively get used to putting yourself in discomfort.

It's up to you.

2. Accept, Feel, and Explore Your Fear

You've chosen which fear you will work on. Now you have to feel it and to accept it.

Get rid of your pride, raise your head, and look at you. Imagine you are facing this fear.

Your goal is to determine which part repels you the most. The more you know your environment, the more you can deal with it effectively. It is important that you do not skip this part. If you cannot tell with certitude where to aim, you cannot reach your target.

Answer this question: Why am I afraid of it?

How to Overcome Fears: The Practical Guide - Illustration - Picture

3. Consider Risks and Opportunities

You learn much more by going beyond your limits than by doing nothing. There is hardly any chance for you to die by facing your fear unless it involves your body. There is so much you can get just by making efforts and by being courageous.

Establish what are the pros and cons of getting over this fear. Imagine what would happen if it went wrong, would it be that bad? Would it be irreversible?

Answer this question: What have I got to lose?

4. Approach Your Fear by Small Increments and Do Not Go Too Big Too Fast

Your brain is like your biceps, you need to exercise it. You won't lift huge weights the first time but, you can increase the weight each time you practice.

Try to practice every day or at least, every time you have an opportunity to. The point is, the more you approach it, the easier it becomes. This process is very rewarding and you will enjoy it.

Overcoming obstacles is what your brain loves, that's why games and challenges are so popular and so addictive. Refrain from going too big at first or it might be too much and you won't feel like practicing again in the future.

How to Overcome Fears: The Practical Guide - Illustration - Picture

5. Turn Discomfort Into Comfort

Practice and repeat this process again and again. You have so much to earn and so little to lose. You will like it and you will broaden your opportunities. There are many people you will meet on the road, many experiences you will live, and so many outstanding places you will discover.

The key is to be optimistic and positive. Open yourself to others and never say no to an experience which might change your life.

Just Do It

It's your turn now. Take this guide and think of it when you're scared or uncomfortable with something. It takes nothing but efforts, it is free, and it will make you an outstanding individual. What else?

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