4 Attitudes That Make You a Lovely Partner in Love

David - About Relationships - October 16, 2020

Most people fail to realize that loving someone and caring for them is not innate. We were not born with a mental map and manual to handle it the right way. The more experiences we had, the better we got. But still, what makes us good partners in love? What is it that our own partners find wonderful about us? How can we improve?

In this article, I'll tell you what I believe are 4 attitudes that make someone a lovely and adorable partner in a romantic relationship. If you're looking forward to improving yourself and becoming a better partner, there you go.

Hold your horses though, bear in mind that every culture is different.

Let's see what's my opinion, and if you qualify as my personal definition of a wonderful romantic partner.

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You Show Respect

See, respect takes multiple forms. It's not just about showing open-mindedness and tolerance for your partner's opinion and ideas.

Respect is:

  • Asking multiple times before doing anything that could breach mental and physical boundaries.

  • Giving privacy by not reading messages, not listening to conversations, and not asking overly personal questions too soon.

  • Avoiding the topics that make your partner feel uncomfortable.

There's nothing lovelier and sexier than a partner who intently makes the effort to remain respectful and polite at all times with their partner. It shows wisdom and thoughtfulness.

Moreover, showing respect is also a good way to untangle conflicts. And that could save your relationship.

4 Attitudes That Make You a Lovely Partner in Love - Illustration - Picture

You Show Genuine Kindness

It feels good to be truly loved and accepted by someone. That is probably the one feeling we all agree on. Feeling important, taken care of, and simply loved for who we are.

Have you ever found yourself doing these things?

  • Offering a small gift on a random day, for no reason, and on no special event or occasion.

  • Cooking something for your partner, just because you wanted to.

  • Compromising on your schedule to spend more time with your partner.

  • Defending your partner in random circumstances, just because you felt the need to.

  • Doing small things that make your partner's life easier, neither saying anything about it nor being asked to do it.

You're right. That is absolutely lovely and adorable, to say the least. Random acts of kindness and generosity are extremely meaningful and touching. They show you care about and look after your partner on a constant basis, for no special reason.

And that helps you make your relationship stronger while hardening the bond you share with your partner.

4 Attitudes That Make You a Lovely Partner in Love - Illustration - Picture

You Support

You take pride in talking about your partner's projects and curriculum, because you truly support and admire them. And having someone support you, most of the time, also feels wonderful.

As a member of the relationship, your partner will feel secure and confident knowing that they can lean and rely on you.

That said, having someone truly care about your projects is a game-changer. How many successful people once said, "It's all because of my wife / husband"?

If you're showing emotional support, and technical support if that applies, you're doing it. Good job. Your partner will be appreciative of that, and thank you for being the person you are.

4 Attitudes That Make You a Lovely Partner in Love - Illustration - Picture

You're Okay With Weaknesses

We all have undergone hard times. You can't expect your partner to be absolutely perfect and thriving all the time. And neither can you expect it from yourself.

Along with showing support, being acceptable and understanding of your partner's weaknesses (along with yours) is extremely important. It's okay to be taken care of when it's needed, as much as it is totally okay to take care of your partner when things don't go well for them.

Don't act like you're the dominant one. Accept your weaknesses, and accept your partner's as well.

If that's what you're doing already, good job! It's always a good thing to remember where you come from. And that said, it's also a good thing to remember that overnight success doesn't exist. Failure paves the way for success.

4 Attitudes That Make You a Lovely Partner in Love - Illustration - Picture

The Most Important Thing

You're honest and genuine. You don't do things and behave in a certain way to please your partner and avoid the storm. You are yourself, you make your own decisions, and everything you do stems from authentic and pure intentions.

In any type of relationship, don't fake it.
Don't waste your time either.
Be honest from the get-go.

Once again, please feel free to take everything I said with a pinch of salt. Use your criticism, and don't change who you are just because an article says you should.

I'm curious! What is it that you find absolutely lovely about your partner? Let us know in the comments below!

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