Ask These 3 Questions Before Getting in a Relationship

David - About Relationships - October 09, 2020

Breaking news: Love was never meant to be a solid foundation for any romantic relationship. In fact, romantic relationships are much more complex than they seem.

Ever wondered why your relationship ended although you both were truly loving and caring for each other? Falling in love makes you realize that you can compromise a lot and overcome many obstacles for your partner. But there always comes a time when love isn't enough anymore.

Let's see how to make your romantic relationship even more stable by asking three simple questions. That will help you better know your partner, and quickly tell whether or not you'll be able to stand the test of time together.

Let's see what it takes to start off on the right foot.

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What Are Your Boundaries?

It is crucial that you talk about what's allowed and appropriate, and what's not.

For instance, you might be comfortable with your partner spending their time with an ex, but you might also hate it. You both have an opinion about what is acceptable and what is not. Hence It is important to discuss these topics at the very beginning to avoid arguments and to avoid wasting time with someone who doesn't share the same boundaries as you.

It is normal to have different points of view, but it's mandatory that you set up straight what you are willing to accept and what you don't feel secure with.

Be honest and stick to your guns, but remain open-minded. We all have a common sense of how relationships should work, yet the devil is in the detail. If one part doesn't suit you, discuss it and work together at striking a balance and compromising.

Ask These 3 Questions Before Getting in a Relationship - Illustration - Picture

What Are Your Goals and Ambitions in Life?

Falling in love is necessary. And so is truly loving someone. But that's not enough.

You might love each other and share common interests, but if one decides to travel during the whole year and the other disagrees, there's not much you can do. You must show respect for your partner's goals.

A relationship requires efforts, but truly loving someone involves accepting not to have the same career's path, lifestyle, and goals.

Being in a romantic relationship means that you both have to support and encourage each other. We all have our own personal dreams and goals, and we're different. If that's something you can't handle, let it go.

It's totally fine to have diverse opinions, dreams, and lifestyles. You can love your partner while feeling the need for living your life to its fullest.

Don't give up on who you are to meet your partner's expectations. The two of you should enjoy their lives and look after each other at the same time.

Ask These 3 Questions Before Getting in a Relationship - Illustration - Picture

How Do You Handle Conflicts?

When a disagreement happens and when things start to get rude, everyone has a personal way to handle the situation.

For insance, I'm more into not talking at all to calm down and collect my thoughts for example. I know it makes one feel insecure but, it makes me refrain from being mean under anger.

The point is, you should always tell your partner how you handle disputes. Little quarrels can escalate quickly when one does not understand that the other is not being mean but simply trying to keep calm to resolve the situation.

If you're a silent person, talk a little more about what hurts you and how you think the situation could improve. If you're more into talking a lot when it catches on, take a breath and calm down. You should always strive for building an environment that is favorable to quarrel-solving.

That said, you also want to know how to handle your partner and your conflicts in the most effective way.

Ask These 3 Questions Before Getting in a Relationship - Illustration - Picture

Beyond Love

Determine whether or not you and your partner share the same vision of how a relationship works. Most conflicts occur because of a gap between lovers' expectations and behaviors within the relationship itself. Hence these questions aim at telling how large the gap is, and whether or not it is possible to get over it.

Most people tend to believe that just being in love is enough. The reality is, falling in love is only a step in the building of a strong and stable relationship. It is huge, but once you're in, facing everyday problems and getting things sorted out plays in making love fade.

Spending your life with someone else is a big deal.

It takes wisdom, love, respect, and maturity.

Act like an adult, don't play a role, and show respect for your lovely partner. That will enable you to take your relationship to the next level. These questions are good starters. Use them wisely and get to know your companion better.

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