5 Ways to Properly Start a New Romantic Relationship

David - About Relationships - October 06, 2020

So you've just met a nice person, whom you're having an awesome time with, and you fear ruining everything? It's fine, we all do. Keep calm, and take it easy, I got you covered.

In this article, I'll give you 5 simple yet effective ways to start a healthy romantic relationship, and lay the foundations of a wonderful journey with your partner.

Feeling anxious already? Chill out! Let's dive in.

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Ask Questions

Communication is the base of everything. If you don't ask questions, you can't tell what your partner has in their mind, and that will cause you trouble.

Is it okay? Does it make you feel insecure? What's something that I should know about you before we get deeper into that relationship? Is there anything that repels you? What's something that most people find weird about you?

Put simply, ask questions. The more you communicate with your partner, the better. There's no wrong answer, and there are no silly questions. Just ask about topics that you're interested in.

There's nothing one should hide from their partner, and asking questions, you'll learn more about the person whom you're spending your time with, which is necessary.

5 Ways to Properly Start a New Romantic Relationship - Illustration - Picture

Be Vulnerable

Insecurities are like holes. When you talk about them, you fill them so no other thing than confidence can fill the hole. In other words, the more you talk about your insecurities with your partner, the more confident and peaceful you feel.

If your partner isn't willing to accept you for who you are, they're probably the wrong person. Talk about what makes you feel insecure, and see how it goes. If you're with a lovely, kind-hearted, and respectful partner, you'll quickly feel comfortable and willing to take the relationship to the next level.

There's not a single person who's not vulnerable in some way. Hence don't be afraid to open yourself, and let your partner come in. That will play in making your relationship even stronger.

5 Ways to Properly Start a New Romantic Relationship - Illustration - Picture

Set Boundaries

Know your limits, and set rules for yourself and your partner. It is crucial that you set boundaries from the very beginning.

First of all, you don't want your partner to come off as rude or offensive in the beginning. However, this is what will be happening if you don't tell straight away what you're not okay with.

Second, you deserve to be shown respect. So, if you set strict boundaries from the get-go, you also lay the foundations of a healthy rapport between you and your partner.

Just talk about it. We all have things that we love, as opposed to things that we hate. The sooner the better. That will save you hours of explaining, as well as unintentional mistakes.

5 Ways to Properly Start a New Romantic Relationship - Illustration - Picture

Open Your Mind

Run away. That's what your partner will do if they find out that you're close-minded in any way. It's good to have opinions, ideas, and thoughts about life, but too much is too bad. You can have your own personal beliefs, but you don't have the right to impose them on your partner or other people whatsoever.

Be understanding and accepting of other people. It shows wisdom and maturity, and that's what makes you look both charismatic and sexy.

That said, showing open-mindedness also makes your partner feel more confident. And that will enable the two of you to communicate, share feelings, have proper conversations, and solidify your relationship.

All in all, being open-minded will save you hours of arguing and debating about nonsensical matters, while making you look calm, approachable, and attractive. What's more?

5 Ways to Properly Start a New Romantic Relationship - Illustration - Picture

Don't Set High Expectations

What's the point? Let's just have a great time. If you've set proper boundaries and talked a lot with your partner, you guys both know what you're looking for and expecting from your relationship. Hence there's no point in expecting too much from your partner. That will only make them feel anxious and worried about fulfilling your needs, which is unhealthy.

Just let it be, and see where this relationship goes. High expectations often lead to overthinking, which in turn leads to conflicts with your partner. Take it easy, and let your partner breathe.

It's okay to have high expectations for yourself. But when your relationship has just begun, there's nothing you can envision. There's too much you don't know yet, and will have to figure out later.

5 Ways to Properly Start a New Romantic Relationship - Illustration - Picture

What About You?

What's your way to make sure that your romantic relationship starts on the right track?

Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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