7 Working Techniques to Get Your First Customers

Just started out and still not making money from your business? No worries. We've all been there. If, just like anyone, you're totally unknown and you haven't got thousands of connections with powerful people, finding your first customers will feel impossible. That's why I wrote this article.

Here I'll give you my personal techniques, which I learned the hard way, to get your first customers no matter the industry you're in.

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6 Veteran Techniques to Focus and Get Ready for Work Quickly

See, my problem is, I have insane difficulties to concentrate on a specific task for an extended period of time. It's a daily struggle with myself, and I'm not yet done with it.

Oh, wait. Are you in the same boat? Good news. I know exactly how it is, and in this article I'll give you my personal techniques to focus and start working in no time.

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Passive Work: The Invaluable Benefits of Social Media

Ever felt guilty for spending hours watching crazy videos on Youtube? Ever wondered why certain people were keener on trying new things while others would always stay in their comfort zone? Truth be told, so did I. And then I figured out.

It's called passive work, and it occurs as you watch Youtube videos and read Wikipedia and Medium articles. It's got some crazy benefits you'd love to know about if you're a social media addict.

Let's see what it's all about.

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How to Drop Your Ego Before It Takes All Over

Most people associate ego with selfishness. And they aren't wrong. But there's more.

There is vulnerability, fear, envy, and self-sabotage.

These are all the topics we'll cover in this article. We'll see how ego plays in social interactions and conflicts, and how it impacts the relationship we have with ourselves.

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4 Effective Techniques to Take Notes and Remember Your Ideas

If, like me, you're the kind of person who can't stop thinking about tons of different things daily, take notes. It sounds stupid-simple, right? Yet I don't know a single person who does that. And I'll tell you the truth, I haven't been taking notes until recently.

Wanna stop losing all these million-dollar ideas? Read this article. I'll give you some tips and tricks to take notes effectively.

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Escape the Success Race: Stop Self-Sabotaging and Comparing

The more I meet entrepreneurs, the more I think of myself as an utter failure. It's not like I hate it when I'm surrounded by successful people who enjoy their lives. On the contrary, it inspires me and makes me happy for their achievements. But it makes me feel like I haven't made it yet. I haven't reached my goals nor made tons of profits.

That's a concern I'll address in this article. How to escape the success race? How to stop self-sabotaging when comparing with others?

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Airplane Humility: Build a Healthier Life by Being Humble

Have you ever had that moment when you feel like nothing can stop you? It lasted several seconds, or some years, and it made you feel like you were the king of the world.

As humans, we tend to feel godlike. But we're not, and won't ever be. Let's see how humility can help us build a healthier environment for ourselves.

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White Lies: My Best and Worst Quality

When people ask "What is your worst trait?", what's your answer? Anyway, you're a liar and so am I. You and I tell lies, be it for good or bad reasons. In my case, I tell white lies. These are the lies I tell when I feel my interlocutor can't stomach the harsh truth.

Is it bad to tell white lies? Is it really lying? What does it tell about me? Maybe these are some of the questions you've already asked yourself.

Let's figure that out together. In this article I'll try to answer all the above questions using my own perspective.

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5 Working Techniques to Break a Bad Habit

Want it or not, you've got bad habits. And even though you know that, you aren't making anything to break these. Relax, we all do. It's called cognitive dissonance

In this article, I'll give you several powerful techniques to break a bad habit once and for all, along with real-life examples to help you visualize the techniques better.

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Self-Engagement: The Mighty Burp Ritual

It is crazy how little things keep living inside you for so long. You set rules for yourself, and they stay with you for the rest of your life.

Let's see how making a self-engagement could have a huge impact on your lifestyle in the long run.

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